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How I Cured My Candida

One Woman's Story How She Beat Candida Yeast Infection

After Fasting Diet

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How To Eat After Fasting?

Now that I have successfully done my 3-day fasting I can start eating again! But I must be careful and not eat hard to digest foods right away. Actually I started my first non-fasting day as I did during the fast: with lemon and coconut oil, dry brushing and shower, then the breakfast fruit juice with apples, pears and ginger. I also continued taking Psyllium Hulls combination and Bentonite clay.

Breathing Exercises

After breakfast I did some breathing exercises for 5 minutes: Close one nostril with a finger, breath in counting up to 4, then hold the breath for 5, and close the nostril that you breathed in with a finger and breath out through the other nostril. Then breath in through the same nostril you just breathed out, count till 5 and breath out through the other nostril, slowly.  Continue until you have done 10 rounds. This is quite meditative, since you have to concentrate on breathing and counting. Remember to have your mouth closed for the whole time. This breathing is done only through the nostrils. Deep breathing helps the lungs to get rid of toxins!

Eating Simple Watery Foods

Around lunchtime I had a few purple grapes. They really tasted delicious, even more so because I knew that after this I wouldn’t be eating fruit for a long time, until my Candida was cured. A bit later I had a small bowl of cucumber pieces with a bit of flaxseed oil and herbal salt. They tasted also so good! Never had such delicious cucumbers before. I think that I also have started smelling things a lot more than before. I sniffed my daughter eating liquorice and enjoyed the smell, but I really didn’t want to eat it. Just enjoying the newly found smells!

It is also good to eat small portions of whatever you’re eating; this way the digestive system gets going again better. Eating very slowly and chewing well is very important for proper digestion. The next meal I had was a small salad with lettuce, basil, cucumber and avocado. Evening meal was familiar from the diet before fasting: green vegetable soup. Any green vegetables are good; I put bok choy, zucchini, leek and onion in mine.

The next 2 days I also ate carefully, adding more food groups including whole grains to the diet but I had to follow the strict Candida diet rules. Read more about Candida Diet HERE. The second day my dinner was a Greek salad and steamed broccoli and cauliflower, on the third day I had a piece of fish. That was heaven!

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