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How I Cured My Candida

One Woman's Story How She Beat Candida Yeast Infection

Heavy Metal Cleanse to Cure Candida

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Body Detoxing Continues

I have been on the Candida diet for a couple of weeks and started taken the supplements. Already I feel better, my stomach is not bloated anymore and I think the foods I eat agree with me. I didn’t know how much wheat can drag you down! I have a lot more energy without it.

My body still needs a lot of detoxing though. Candida binds to heavy metals, so I am in need of a good Heavy Metal Cleanse:

Fourth Step: Heavy Metal Cleanse

There are many ways to do a heavy metal cleansing, such as chelation therapy, but I have chosen to do a simple and less expensive way that can be done at home. I bought Lugol’s Liquid Iodine and I am rubbing it about 4 drops on each foot at night before going to bed. It is staining my feet orange but somehow the staining is disappeared by morning. I will continue this routine for 7 days.

This is supposed to cleanse some heavy metals from the body. But if you have lots of heavy metals bound in the body other more efficient procedures may be needed. I am going to do a heavy metal testing by a naturopath after treatment of Candida is finished. I want to be sure that I don’t have anything else making me sick.

Along with this Iodine Foot Rub I am eating garlic tablets every night. Garlic as well as Chlorella ( from my supplement list) enhance heavy metal detoxification!

Do I Have Heavy Metals in Me?

Heavy metals are unfortunately all around us. So it would be a miracle if you weren’t affected by them.
Toxic metals, such as led, mercury and silver, are found in our environment:

  • Pesticides and fertilizers have heavy metals in them and then we eat the vegetables and fruits that have been sprayed and grown with these. This is why we should eat organic food!
  • Mercury is often found in fish.
  • Deodorants have aluminum in them.
  • Aluminum cookware and aluminum foil leak aluminum to foods we cook.
  • Tap water is not totally pure either; industrial and agricultural waste run off to water streams with rain water. Not even water purifying plants can filter all toxins out. I always use home filtered water to drink!
  • Antacids and other pharmacy sold drugs contain heavy metals.
  • Cigarette smoke is full of chemicals and also heavy metals.
  • Dental fillings that are made of amalgam leak mercury to the body.


As well as doing a heavy metal cleanse I am going to try and eliminate as many sources of heavy metals from my life as I possibly can.


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