How I Cured My Candida

One Woman's Story How She Beat Candida Yeast Infection

Curing Candida – One Last Supplement

Last Supplement in Curing Candida – Candigest Plus

I am in the last phase of killing Candida. I took the anti-fungals – Olive leaf extract and Oil of oregano – each for 2 weeks and had a 2 week break after each.  Now I am taking the last Candida killing supplement called Candigest Plus. Hopefully this will be the end of Candida outbreak for me! I will be taking a Candida test soon after this 30 day course of Candigest is over.

Candigest Plus

Candigest Plus is an extremely potent supplement. It has cellulase enzymes that digest the cellulose in Candida and kill the yeast. And what’s great about it too, it causes no die-off symptoms because it contains no anti-fungals! Candigest Plus also contains an enzyme called protease that will digest the interior cell of Candida as well. This supplement should get rid of most systemic yeast infections and its symptoms in 30 days. Some people may need to take it for 2 months but I hope I am not one of them! The instructions mention that Candigest Plus should not be taken by people with Inflammatory Bowel Disease such as Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis.

I am taking 2 capsules in the morning an hour before breakfast and then another 2 at night just before going to sleep, at least 2 hours after eating. I don’t have any die-off symptoms as the product promises. Actually I feel pretty good.

About Food and Diet

Curing Candida – One Last Supplement

After 14 weeks of candida diet I am at the stage where I am anxious to start adding more foods to my diet. I have been very strict about sugar, wheat and gluten, dairy, fruit and even starchy vegetables and I really would love to start eating some of those foods again. Mostly fruit, all vegetables and some dairy such as cottage cheese! I don’t think sugar will be on my list of foods to eat anytime soon. I don’t even miss it, but some natural alternatives like honey and agave syrup would be nice to add into some dishes. I am diligently avoiding all preservatives and additives. This means that I have basically made or cooked everything I eat from scratch. It takes time and effort but I have learned to eat so much tastier food with ingredients that were previously unknown to me.

I have learned about raw food, vegan food and acid-alkaline diets. All very interesting and beneficial to add to one’s eating routine. You don’t have to become a full blown raw foodist or veganist to benefit from those kind of foods by substituting some meals with raw or vegetarian foods.